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1974 I was 16yrs old in hospital, my body was shutting down, I had a blood clot in the leg and lung. I cried out to GOD, JESUS walked through the wall. He said to me “I wouldn’t die but live.” I fell in love with my saviour, from that night I was given dreams and visions

1979 At 21 on 19 August, I lost my baby and the afterbirth did not come away. I had an operation, nearly dying, given three blood transfusions. Next day doctors told me U could never have another baby due to the danger risk. I put my faith in GOD; He told me “I will have one another”


November 28 1979 I lost my parents along with 255 people on Air NZ flight to Antarctica on the slopes of Mt Erbus. At the time I was six week pregnant, in 1980 my son was born a miracle.


December I had another blood clot


1986 I was in a car crash, the windscreen shattered, resulting in my eyelids, forehead and nose was lacerated and my knees went into the dashboard. Had an operation to repair my face and told I would not see again. GOD had other ideas, I can see.


1987 I had Guillain–Barré syndrome, I went totally paralysed, bedridden in hospital, no cure. The syndrome hits your nervous system, after 4 months came right to walk again during this time I did not lose my faith in GOD it grew more.


1994 I got a lump in the mouth they did a x-ray, I had a lump as big as baseball and I was told only 12 weeks to live. During this time my church family were praying for me, for my survival and healing, as I was not expected to live through the operation; the left side of my face was paralysed. Yes it was cancer, I needed radiotherapy, which looks like red light that zaps you for 5-10 minutes, I had 30 treatments. This resulted that I had to be hospitalised as I got ulcers, lost my sense smell, lost my sense of taste, brunt neck, and a blood clot, but still managed to walk around the ward and encourage other patients and staff. This was only done through my faith in JESUS CHRIST


1996 I went on an Alfa Course to learn more on the Bible. On the retreat, I was slain in the Spirit, people were praying for me; I felt a warm hot feeling go up my left arm into the ear and Face. I was healed, my sense of smell, taste buds, and I could my feel my face. Yes I could smile again people saw the change straight away, I felt drunk in the spirit.

I was asked to speak to Churches about what the lord had done. From that day I have gone further into the LORD, Yes I hear his voice, have dreams and visions. I love the LORD my GOD, he has been in my path right form 16yrs still very much in first love with JESUS, so when JESUS ask me to do something I will not refuse, I try to obey him all the time.

In 1999 the doctors said I was cured from cancer since then I have had many Miracles and my faith in GOD is stronger


Yes my LORD is there for me he heals today just believe he is there for everyone that wants time with him. He’s my Love, My Father, Best Friend, Yes I Love Jesus Christ, Can’t Stop talking about Him.



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