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Quentin's Testimony of how he Came to Christ.

From the age 12 I was in witchcraft and actively attacked the Saint's of Lord.
I came to the Lord at the Age of 21. 
I was walking home from a Coven meeting, in the early hours (3am approx.) of the morning and as I walking past a church on the opposite side of the Street, I don’t know what it was that made me look at the church but when I did I saw the church door’s disappear with a bright light then a ball of light came out and I was hit and enveloped in the light, I felt very scared as I saw the ball come towards me, I want to run but was frozen to the spot. When I was hit and enveloped in the ball, all I felt was the LORD's consistent love that you had for me. I also felt so guilty for at the same time I had the fear of GOD put into my heart, the only thing that kept me from collapsing to the ground dead was the Love of the Father had for me. That I night I fell head over heels in Love with Jesus Christ and total hatred for all the tricks of the agents of Satan.
It took me 72 hours of searching for an elder in the Auckland area, who would listen to my confession of faith and help me to destroy all my items of witchcraft. I had the “Get off my land”, doors slammed in my face, “I call the Cops” from most of the elders that I approached on the list of the Elders that I had attacked in the past. I was down to the last two on my list, I knocked on the door, and the elder open the door and says to me “I have been expecting you” well you could of knocked me over with a feather. On top of that he had all the Items ready to destroy my witchcraft items, If I did not think that Lord had Saved me before then this show me and confirmed to me the LORD had SAVED me.
Now days I follow the LORD with a Zeal being a Deacon of the local church, I am often called on to do deliverance, blessings.

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